Open Data Catalogue BETA

About OGDI DataLab

OGDI DataLab is an open source cloud-based Open Data Catalogue. This codebase represents an update to the original open source framework released by Microsoft Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI). It’s an easy way to get started with your open data project, providing:

  • Data Service: a fully-functional API allowing programmatic access to the data. It serves up data using a number of different formats such as XML (oData/ATOM), KML, JSON, and JSONP that can be queried by variety of technologies & software.
  • Data Browser: a web interface to the data service with a visual way to browse, query, interact with and download data. It includes mapping & charting capabilities for slicing/dicing & visualizing geographic datasets.
  • Data Loader: a software utility used to import the data into the catalogue from CSV and KML formats. Users can load data from a client machine or also create a command-line access to load datasets dynamically from databases

DataLab leverages the scalability, flexibility and reliability of the Windows Azure Platform and can lower up-front infrastructure costs of your open data initiative.