Open Data Catalogue BETA

Terms of Use

The City of Saskatoon is currently investigating options for formal open data licensing. In the meantime, please treat this as a broad license to use the currently published data on the City of Saskatoon website (“Information”) for your own analysis and applications, subject to the following disclaimer:

  1. All rights, title and interest (including copyright, patent and other intellectual property rights) in the Information remain vested in the City of Saskatoon at all times.

  2. The City of Saskatoon does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Information, users accept all risks in using the Information and should verify the accuracy of the same through other sources. Ongoing updates may not be incorporated into the Information available on the City of Saskatoon website. Users are urged to verify the accuracy of Information against copies of actual plans or source documents.

  3. If there is a conflict between the Information on the web page and information contained in any other records of the City of Saskatoon or documents that may be prepared by or delivered to the City of Saskatoon, the City of Saskatoon reserves the right to rely in all cases upon the record which it considers to be the most accurate and complete.

While we would certainly appreciate credit for provision of the Information, this is not a strict requirement.